Field Conditions
Field Conditions at LARPD

Field Conditions

Grass Fields are CLOSED for seasonal maintenance yearly beginning November - February.

Inclement Weather Status - If a field has a CLOSED status, then the field is not available for use. If a field has an OPEN status, the field is available for use with a permit. During inclement weather, if it begins to rain during field use, the fields will be CLOSED and use will be canceled.

Updates to the Website and Inclement Weather line are made daily to each field.

Weekday updates are made at 2:00 P.M. 

Weekend updates are made at 7:00 A.M.

Status will not be announced before the designated time.

If maintenance or unexpected inclement weather occurs, please contact the Turf Hotline at 925-373-5702 or you may send an email with your concerns to 

Field Address Status
Altamont Creek 6800 Altamont Creek Drive Open
Bill Payne Park 5800 Patterson Pass Road Open
Cayetano Park 698 Portola Avenue Open
Christensen Park 5611 Bridgeport Circle Open
Ernie Rodrigues 1717 South Livermore Closed
Hagemann Park 459 Olivina Avenue Open
Independence Park (Kellman Fields) 2798 Holmes Street Open
Livermore Downs Park 1655 Paseo Laguna Seco Open
Max Baer Park 1310 Murdell Lane Open
May Nissen Park 685 Rincon Avenue Open
Robert Livermore Park 491 Loyola Way Open
Robertson Park 3200 Robertson Park Road Open
Sunset Park 1055 Geneva Street Open