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Photography Permits

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The Livermore Area Recreation and Park District requires commercial photographers to have a permit when taking photographs within any District Facility or Parkland.

A commercial photographer is defined as any individual who will take video, film, photography, or other capture of the image, whether moving or still, with the objective to see, make a profit from, or barter, including but not limited to documentaries, commercials, television series and movies, motion picture, advertising, public service announcements, editorial, stock, portraits, etc.

  • Permits will be issued to individual commercial photographers.
  • LARPD requires businesses to have a Photography Permit for each commercial photographer onsite; one permit does not encompass an entire business or multiple commercial photographers. 
  • Applications are accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
  • There is a minimum of 48 business hours before the rental date for processing application requests, excluding weekends. Applications submitted on a Friday for the following Saturday or Sunday may not be approved.
  • Applications are requests and do not guarantee that a permit will be issued.
  • Application fees are due when applying and must be paid in full before a permit is issued. 
  • Commercial photographers are not permitted to utilize any District Facility or Parkland for photography purposes without a valid Permit issued by the District. 
  • Applicants must follow all Facility and Park Rules and Regulations, including verbal instruction from District staff throughout their rental.
  • Permit hours will be strictly enforced.  

Cancellations and Changes 

Our parks and facilities may close anytime, with or without notice. District staff will make every effort to contact the Applicant ahead of time of any park or facility closures that may affect your facility rental. If a closure occurs on behalf of the District, the Applicant will be offered an alternate date.

A refund will not be issued for inclement weather or a cancellation initiated either by the District or the Applicant. Applicants can move their rental date up to six (6) months after the original date. Failure to rebook the rental date within six (6) months will result in a cancellation, and a refund will not be issued.

All application changes must be made in writing and mutually agreed upon by both the District and the Applicant. A change fee will be charged to the Applicant for all changes initiated by the Applicant and are due when submitting the change. 

Photography Permit Locations

Ravenswood Historic Site 

Ravenswood Photography Permits are valid for two (2) hour (120 minute) sessions.

Permits may be extended for an additional hour rate.

The Applicant and guests cannot enter the Ravenswood Historic Site outside their facility rental time. District staff will be onsite throughout the facility rental. District staff will open the facility when specified on the photography permit. District staff will wait 20 minutes before the rental time for the photographer to arrive. If the photographer and their guests do not arrive 20 minutes after the initial start time of the rental, District staff will close and lock the facility and consider the rental complete.

A refund will not be issued for any photographer who fails to attend their rental. For more information, email the District at

Facility Rental Application Rules and Regulations (current).pdf


General District Park or Facility 

General Photography Application can be used for various District Park and Facilities.

Applications will be reviewed by District staff prior to issuing a facility rental permit. Permit are valid from sunrise to sunset unless otherwise noted on the permit. For more information, email the District at

Facility Rental Application Rules and Regulations (current).pdf
Sycamore Grove Park 

Sycamore Grove Photography Permits include two (2) parking passes and access to Sycamore Grove Park on the reserved date from 7:00 a.m. to sunset (unless otherwise noted on the permit). For more information, email the District at

2020_Sycamore Grove Photography Application.pdf


Rental Fees

LocationHours of PermitResident Permit FeeNon Resident Permit Fee
General Park and Facility Photography PermitSunrise to Sunset (*unless otherwise noted)$50$60
Ravenswood Historic Site2 Hours$80$90
Sycamore Grove Park7:00 a.m. to Sunset$50 $60
Additional Rental Fees
Ravenswood Historic SitePer Additional Hour - only issued in full hour increments$50