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Event Rental FAQs

What sites or rooms are available to rent through Livermore Area Recreation & Park District? 

We rent Ravenswood Historic Site, rooms at the Robert Livermore Community Center, and Sports Fields and Gymnasiums. 

How do I select the best rental location for my event? 

Select a room/site that will accommodate all the details associated with your event. Such as the number of guests including children, the table/chair requirements, entertainment, rental cost vs budget, rental times, decorating needs and time of the year.

How do I submit a rental request for a room at the Robert Livermore Community Center or Ravenswood Historic Site? 

Download the Facility Rental Application from the website or pick up a form at the Community Center.  Fill out with the relevant information and submit to the Facilities Department either by email ( or drop-off at the Robert Livermore Community Center located at 4444 East Ave, Livermore.

Facility Rental Application Rules and Regulations (current).pdf
Is a deposit required? If yes, how much is the deposit and when do I turn in the deposit? 

Yes, LARPD requires a Damage and Compliance Deposit. The amount varies by room and rental site. The Damage and Compliance deposit ranges by site, room and day of the week. The deposit is due at the time of submitting the application.

Is the Damage and Compliance Deposit refundable? How do I get my deposit back? 

As long as the Rules and Regulations are followed, we will refund your Damage and Compliance Deposit within 15 business days from your event either by credit card or check.

What are the main causes that I would lose my deposit due to hosting an event? 
  • Early arrival or late exit beyond the times posted on the permit
  • Excess number of guest beyond the agreed number on the permit
  • Amplified music exceeds the event end time or exceeds the approved noise level
  • Misuse of LARPD property
  • Clean-up is not completed correctly
  • Police are called to event
  • Serving of alcohol beyond the agreed arrangements
Can I change rental details such as event times, room, dates, name or address after I received my rental permit? Will there be fee charged for making changes? 

We only charge a fee if there is an address & name change made in writing to District staff. All other rental changes are not charged a fee, unless changes are made less than 60 days prior to event date. Please note there could be charges for changes resulting in additional hours or larger room per the Rental Fee Schedule. We will do our best to accommodate your changes based on availability, but there are times we can’t honor your request change.

When do I get the key to room/site? 

We do not issue keys. LARPD will provide building attendants on site during your rented time.

How much do rentals cost and what is included in the rental charges? 

Rental fees are based on your residency, or non-profit status. Rates may vary by site, room, day of week or month. Please check with the Facilities Department for rental fees or review the LARPD Fee Schedule.

All room rentals include tables and chairs. Depending on the room or site, additional room features are included. Please ask the Facilities Department for the details of the room or site you are interested in.

When is my payment due for my rental? 

60 days before your event.

Are there additional fees when renting a room/site? 

There could be additional fees, such as special event insurance, cleaning fee, and transaction fee. We also offer upgraded amenities, please ask the Facilities Department staff to see amenities list of our offers.

Do I need insurance at my event? If yes, who provides the insurance? 

All events with 40 or more guests and or have alcohol are required to have special event liability insurance. If alcohol is being served, liquor liability insurance is also required within the special event liability insurance. Both types of insurance must be provided by LARPD for private events. 

What are the requirements for providing my own insurance, if I am a Company? 

Please contact the Facilities Department at for details regarding the Certificate of Liability Insurance and the Scheduled Additional Insured Endorsement. Insurance must be submitted 30 days before event date.

Can I serve or sell alcohol at my event? 

Yes you can. We only allow beer, wine, and champagne alcohol to be served or sold at events. Alcohol can be served for up to 5 hours.

If selling alcohol at an event that is open to the public an ABC permit is required. We will provide the information to obtain the permit.

How much time should I rent? When can I come into the room to decorate? 

Your rental time is to include your setup (decorating), event and takedown or cleanup. Give yourself enough time to setup and take down. We charge full hourly rates if your rental goes past your permit time.

Can I rent ongoing meeting space? 

Yes, we welcome groups with ongoing meeting needs.

Can I bring in my own caterer, DJ, photographer or my own cooked food? 

Yes, we don’t have a preferred vendor list and you can bring in your own food.

Can I decorate my rental space? Can I have candles or a small ceremony flame? 

All decorations must be freestanding; nothing can be attached to the walls or inserted into the ground.

Each site has different rules and regulations for candles. Please follow-up with the Facilities department. We encourage battery operated candles where possible.

What is the cleaning policy? 

Facility rental time designated on the Facility Rental Permit is to include renter cleanup. The renter is responsible for the condition of the room at the end of the event. In most cases, you must leave the space in the same condition when you arrived. Cleaning fees are charged at any of the rooms at Robert Livermore Community Center, Ravenswood Historic Site, and Veterans Memorial Building. The renter is responsible for clearing tables, cleaning up all decorations, throwing away trash, and food scraps.