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The Fiscal Year (FY) 2022-23 Operating Budget and Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Budgets for the Livermore Area Recreation and Park District reflect the considerable program momentum that began in earnest in FY2021-22 as the District and our community adjusted to the loosening of COVID-19 health restrictions. Staff developed and are delivering innovative and popular youth, adult, and senior programs, and as a result, LARPD’s services are flourishing once again. This Budget reflects a careful but optimistic view of the pandemic’s ongoing influences on our community; as has been the case, the District is prepared to flex its plans as conditions change.

The District’s operations will result in positive Net Operating Contributions (Revenue less Expense, excluding CIP outlays) of $2.5 million in FY21-22 and $1.1 million in FY22-23. Operational strides in the form of creative and popular program offerings and organizational changes that are driving more resources to service delivery are contributing to these results, as are significant increases in property tax income. Additionally, a one-time receipt in FY21-22 of $1.2 million of Covid Relief funds from the State of California is contributing to the current year’s significant Net Operating Contribution.

CIP use of the General Fund will amount to $1.0 million in FY21-22 and $2.2 million in FY22-23. After considering the Net Operating Contribution and General Fund spending for CIP, the District plans to contribute $1.5 million to its reserves in FY21-22 and will devote $1.0 million of its Reserves to help fund the CIP plans for FY22-23 (largely associated with the Robertson Park synthetic turf replacement project). 

In summary, the District’s FY2022-23 Budget reflects a considered, energized approach to continually enhancing the programs and services we offer to our community. We will continue to analyze our operations to be efficient and effective in the use of our financial and human resources and to be good stewards of the facilities and natural resources that we are privileged to operate and maintain.

2022-2023 Fiscal Year Budget

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