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LLNL Discovery Center and Lunch at Poppy Ridge (50+)

LLNL Discovery Center and Lunch at Poppy Ridge

The Discovery Center provides a window into LLNL's exciting, cutting-edge science. Join us for a FREE self-guided tour and an overview of LLNL.  Visitors will walk through an updated model of the target chamber from the National Ignition Facility, learn more about LLNL's role in the fight against COVID-19, and view an exhibit on our Science in Space... and much more!

This self-guided tour, presented through a history tunnel, highlights the Laboratory's scientific achievements during the last 70 years.

  • Meet at 11:30 am for lunch at Poppy Ridge Grill, 4280 Greenville Rd., before the LLNL tour!! (Lunch is included in the program fee)
  • Special Lunch menu selections will be emailed to you one week prior to the event for pre-order.
  • Registration is required by 1/24/24 to attend this event.
  •  LLNL requires all guests to show valid ID upon arrival; all guests must be US citizens and on their log by 1/24/24.
  • The Discovery Center tour begins at 1:30 pm at 651 Eastgate Dr., located off Greenville Road.