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Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) FAQ

What does the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) Division do? 

The Capital Improvement Project Division functions within the Livermore Area Recreation and Park District to manage District facility construction as well as park and trail development projects.

What is the Livermore Area Recreation and Park District’s contract bid process? 

Livermore Area Recreation and Park District's contract bid process is facilitated by the Capital Improvement Project Division. Additional information can be found by visit our CIP department page here

How will construction affect traffic and parking in my neighborhood? 

Some projects will have very little, or no impact on parking and traffic. Each project is permitted through the City of Livermore’s permit office where provisions for mitigating traffic and parking impacts are established. Affected residents will be notified in advance of any street closures or other disruptions whenever possible.

What are the working hours for CIP construction crews? 

Contracted construction crews typically work a single daylight shift, 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

What inspections are performed to make sure work was done properly? 

Livermore Area Recreation and Park District contracts inspectors to ensure projects are built in accordance to the engineered designs and specifications.

What should I do if I see suspicious behavior on a Livermore Area Recreation and Park District's construction site after hours? 

If it appears to be a dangerous situation and/or the commission of a crime, call 911 to reach the Police Department. If the situation is not urgent, please call the Livermore Police Department non-emergency line at (925)371-4900. To report a crime or incident needing an officer response, call (925)371-4987

To make a non-emergency online report for property crimes and non-criminal incidents, click here.

Is the Livermore Area Recreation and Park District part of the City of Livermore? 

Livermore Area Recreation and Park District is an independent special district that is governed by a five-person, elected Board of Directors, each of whom serves a four-year term. Livermore Area Recreation and Park District is not part of the City of Livermore. The District covers more than 240 square miles, serving more than 115,000 people, and maintains more than 40 parks including dog parks, picnic areas, basketball and tennis courts, playgrounds, sports fields, a BMX course, a skate park and a bicycle stunt course.

Where do I obtain a permit for my building project? 

You may apply for a building permit through the City of Livermove by clicking here

Where do I get help with landscape issues like tree removal or sidewalk repair? 

City of Livermore landscape and sidewalk repair requests should be directed to the City of Livermore; please visit their website here to obtain addition information. 

Where can I find information about City of Livermore projects? 

Information can be found by visit the City of Livermore's page: