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Donation FAQ

I’d like to purchase a memorial in honor of a loved one...what are my options? 

Common memorial purchases are trees and park benches, however, LARPD and the LARPD Foundation are open to other suggestions. It is even possible to install amenities in a dog park in memory of a loved pet.

Will my purchase be tax-deductible? 

The money that the LARPD Foundation receives for memorial/commemorative items is used to pay for the item itself and the remainder is kept by the LARPD Foundation for other purchases to support LARPD or its program participants. As such, these purchases constitute a fundraiser for the LARPD Foundation and are not a tax-deductible purchase.

What is the cost to purchase a tree or park bench? 

The one-time fee for a:

  • 15 gallon tree is $450
  • 24 inch box tree is $650

The type of tree that will be planted and the exact location is determined by the Parks and Facilities Manager, though you are invited to give suggestions.

The one-time fee for a park bench is $5,000 and includes an engraved plaque (wording is subject to the approval of the General Manager). 

Please note that all costs are subject to change.

Can I be present at the tree planting or bench installation? 

Yes, if it can be coordinated with the Parks and Open Space staff. Tree plantings and bench installations in non-Open Space parks are typically done in the mornings (8am-11am), Monday through Friday. For bench installations at Open Space parks, Open Space staff can generally accommodate requested days and times. For all installations and plantings, weather conditions and/or staffing levels may impact when they can occur.

What is the process to purchase a memorial item? 

It’s very easy, simply contact Sandra Kaya by phone at (925) 373-5786 or by e-mail at and discuss your interest with her. Sandra can help explain the various kinds of purchases and help guide you through the process.

Do I need to water or care for the memorial tree? 

Possibly. The Parks and Facilities Manager will try to find a site that will have adequate water for your newly planted tree. However, if you want your tree planted in a specific location and adequate water is not available (water for grass typically goes four inches down while tree roots need to be much deeper), then you would need to hand water your tree a couple times a week during hot months, possibly for two years or longer, depending on how well the tree roots and matures. Parks staff will prune the tree.

I see that I can purchase a bench for an Open Space park....but can I purchase a tree for an Open Space park? 

Yes you can, however, due to the low survival rate of trees planted in Open Space parks (no established irrigation) it is strongly recommended that another park site be selected.

My loved one just passed away and I think it would be appropriate to name a park or facility after him/her. 

LARPD’s naming policy states that to be considered for such recognition, individuals must have been gone for a minimum of 5 years before their name can be proposed. At that point, please write a letter or email to the General Manager giving the background and significance of the person you wish to honor and what you would suggest should be named for the person (park, sports field, playground, etc.).

I am making a memorial purchase which will be placed in a park; will my loved one’s name be on or near the bench or tree? 

If you are purchasing a bench, you may propose wording that you’d like, including your loved one’s name. The wording is subject to the General Manager’s approval. In addition, small wooden boards (approximately 8x10 inches) hang between the front doors of the Robert Livermore Community Center.  Brass plates (approximately 1x3 inches) are engraved and mounted on the plaque and include the person’s name, park and date of the donation. 

If you are purchasing a tree, no marker or signage is placed near the tree. The name of your loved one and the park, however, will be placed on the plaque as described above for benches. 

If you are purchasing another item, such as a large shade structure or a building, staff may determine if your name, company name, or the name of your loved one should be placed on or near the structure.