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Livermore PD Tip of the Month: Scam Alert

Livermore, CA—Livermore Police detectives are warning community members about a nationwide online scam that could cost victims tens of thousands of dollars.

How the Scam Works

The scam starts with a pop-up screen on the victim’s computer. The message states there is some unusual activity on an account and directs them to call a phone number for support. The scammer then tells the victim their computer and personal information (i.e., Social Security number) has been compromised.

Two laptops, one with a hooded figure and the other with "Personal Data" on screen, illustrating phishing or data theft concept.

Scam Tactics

Someone impersonating a government official advises the victim to work with them to wire money and/or liquidate their assets into gold bars and/or gift cards. The scammers then send a courier to pick up the gold bars.

Community Advisory

We want the community to be safe and aware. If you see this scam, please do not fall victim to it and please educate your loved ones.


 For additional information as well as to file a complaint, visit the Internet Crime Complaint Center:


If you have questions about this month's tip, please contact the Livermore Police Department at 925-373-4900. 

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