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Meet Emily Muniz, Natural Resources Technician

Emily Muniz Ranger Staff LARPD
LARPD's Natural Resources Technician, Emily Muniz

Introducing Emily Muniz, LARPD's New Natural Resources Technician!

Emily is a passionate advocate for natural resources bringing a wealth of experience and a strong background in environmental stewardship.

Emily's journey in natural resources began in her hometown of Brentwood, where she cultivated her love for the outdoors with hands-on experience working in peach orchards and strawberry fields at the Farmer's Daughter Produce Stand. 

Emily pursued her education at Cornell University, majoring in Environment and Sustainability with a concentration in Policy and Governance. While at Cornell, Emily excelled as a catcher on the university's softball team.

Now, as LARPD's new Natural Resources Technician, Emily will engage and collaborate with local agencies to shape the future of LARPD's Open Space. Her role is dynamic and multifaceted, serving as a thread to connect information and piecing together the history of projects at the park throughout the years.

Emily is excited about her new position and embraces the opportunity to shape her role. She recalled, "Early on, this position was posed as 'Well, it can be whatever you want to make it,' my eyes got big, and I thought, 'Well, that's exciting!"

By collaborating with her fellow rangers and various stakeholders, she will play a role in planning the future of LARPD's Open Space, ensuring it remains a cherished natural resource for the Livermore Community.

One of Emily's initial projects involved evaluating the storm damage at Sycamore Grove Park. Her comprehensive report detailed the impact of the unprecedented storms from January 2023 and provided insights to help the LARPD team prepare for future storms. 

Her commitment to preserving and enhancing our natural resources will undoubtedly contribute to Livermore's open space's brighter and more sustainable future.

Please join us in warmly welcoming Emily and wishing her success at LARPD!