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Pickleball and Tennis Court Rentals

Rental Information

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Tennis and Pickleball Courts Available for Drop-in and Rental

Court Rules

  • Courts are for pickleball and tennis only
  • Use courts at your own risk
  • Tennis or soft-soled shoes are required
  • No chairs, carts, or shade structures are allowed on court surface
  • No glass, pets, or food allowed on court surface
  • No rollerblades, skates, bicycles, scooters, pogo sticks, or skateboards
  • No sitting or leaning on nets
  • No alcohol, smoking or use of tobacco or tobacco-like products at any time
  • Please place all litter in trash receptacles
  • Motor vehicles are never allowed beyond parking areas.  Do not drive on walkways or service roads


Most of our tennis and pickleball courts are non-reservable and are available to the community on a drop-in basis.  Courts at May Nissen are available for drop-in play and are also reservable.  Court locations are:

  • Robert Livermore Park has four (4) lighted tennis courts - drop-in only
  • Jack Williams Park has one (1) tennis/pickleball combo court - drop-in only
  • Livermore Downs Park has four (4) dedicated pickleball courts - drop-in only
  • May Nissen Park has four (4) dedicated pickleball courts and two (2) dedicated tennis courts - these courts are available for drop-in used and are available to rent


Pickleball and tennis courts are available for rent at May Nissen Park.  There are four (4) dedicated pickleball courts and two (2) dedicated tennis courts. The dedicated tennis courts are also lined for pickleball and are available for pickleball rentals if you wish to bring your own nets.   The dedicated pickleball courts are lined for tennis and can be used as tennis courts in a four-court rental scenario with prior approval from LARPD.

Tennis - Tennis court rentals are $10 per court per hour.

Pickleball courts with nets - Court rentals are $10 per court per hour for dedicated pickleball courts where nets are provided. These are courts 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B.

Pickleball courts without nets - Court rentals are $5 per court per hour for pickleball courts that are lined for pickleball but where nets are not provided by LARPD and the user would need to bring their own net.  There are four (4) lined but without net courts at May Nissen Park.  These are courts 3A, 3B, 4A, 4B.

A completed Rental Application is required to reserve a court.  Email completed applications to For information on additional court availability, please call 925-373-5720.

Reservation Fees are non-refundable.  An alternate date may be selected as a one-time courtesy if there is inclement weather on the reserved date.

Rental Application

Facility Rental Application _ Rules and Regulations_Fillable.pdf


May Nissen Pickleball Courts
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