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Sycamore Grove Park Current Trail Conditions

Current Trail Conditions 07/08/24
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Most of the work is completed at Sycamore Grove Park, though several trails and sections remain closed as they finish final inspections. 

While the maintenance is underway, please follow all the posted signs and detours to keep everyone safe.

Even with some trails closed, Sycamore Grove Park still has plenty to enjoy. Explore other parts of the park, picnic, or soak in the beautiful scenery.  

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A trail status map indicating open and closed paths, landmarks, and facilities.

Paved Path and Winery Loop Trail Reopened

All trails south of the Arroyo Del Valle are open. 

Trails Currently Closed:

  • Kingfisher Crossing
  • Sycamore Trail between Olivina Trail and Dry Creek Trail
  • Creek Trail
Current Project Information
An informative flyer about Chevron's pipeline relocation at Sycamore Grove Park, with timelines, safety measures, and closures mentioned.