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CANCELLED - The Search for Garfunkel | 2 pm 

Saturday, January 14th 2:00 PM 
Amphitheater, Sycamore Grove Park, Wetmore Road Entrance (1051 Wetmore Road) 

Something has been scurrying around Sycamore Grove Park, causing mild mischief but also leaving little gifts for visitors. It's been hiding in the tall grass and always just out of sight of the Rangers. We are not sure who, or what this thing even is. The only fact we do know is it is small but very quick and goes by the name Garfunkel. Please help Ranger Seth by joining him to try and solve this mystery. The search will be a short hike in the park looking for clues along the way. This is perfect for families and children 4 and older. The search will start at the Amphitheater. Please RSVP by calling (925) 960-2400 or emailing Ranger Seth at