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Extended Student Services FAQ

Is financial assistance available? 

Families have the opportunity to meet with an Eligibility Specialist to determine if they qualify for financial assistance. Financial assistance is also determined on the availability of space at the site and the availability of the funding source.

How do I enroll? 

Many of our school site programs have a wait list due to the high demand in enrollment. We encourage you to fill out the attached Wait List Form to be added to our program's waiting list. Once the form has been completed, please click on the submit button at the bottom of the form and it will be emailed to Wait List Forms will be reviewed and determined based on submission and open availability. As spots open, a Program Coordinator will contact you to move forward with our enrollment process.

How do I know if I am enrolled? 

Site coordinators will call families when there is an opening at your home school program. You will then be instructed regarding the next steps.

Is there a waiting list at all programs? 

Waiting list times vary from school to school. Program Coordinators automatically enroll when space becomes available. Popular schools may have an extensive wait list but we do our best to serve as many students as we can.

What if I don’t need care now but want to remain on the future enrollment list? 

You may decline the spot one time and keep your original enrollment date for one year. If you decline a spot a second time your enrollment date will be moved to the date you declined.

What does a typical after school day look like? 

When children reach our program after school, they are checked in and immediately have a snack and play outside. Homework time begins after that for approximately 45 minutes. Following homework, children go into their age appropriate classroom and participate in planned activities until they are picked up at the end of the day.

This is a general scenario for the day. Each program may vary slightly with the schedule.

How does my child get from school to the ESS program? 

Transitional and Traditional Kindergarteners will be escorted to their class and picked up after dismissal. First through Fifth graders will walk from their class to the program which is located on the school campus.

What happens if I can’t pick up my child at 6:00 p.m.? 

It is the parent’s responsibility to make arrangements to pick up their child if they know they are not going to make it to the site by 6:00 pm. If no one arrives to pick up a child, staff begins trying to contact the parents then continue through the emergency contacts if the parents cannot be reached. If no one can be reached, and the child is still at the site at 7:00 pm, the Livermore Police Department is contacted and they will assist us in locating the parents.

What is the enrollment age? 

Children must be 4 years and 9 months to be eligible for enrollment into the program and enrolled in the school district.

Can I enroll my child if they are not enrolled in the school district? 

ESS is for children enrolled in the school district only.

What is the holiday schedule? 

Each program has the Annual Holiday Schedule which given to parents yearly. Typical days that the ESS programs are closed are State holidays and three additional ESS staff work days – before and after summer programming.

How do I make monthly tuition payments? 

Tuition is due to the site or through Bill Pay, to the Youth Services office, no later than the fifth working day of the month. A $25 late payment fee will be added to your account if your tuition is late.

What happens if I my child becomes ill while at the program? 

If your child becomes ill at the program, you will be called to come and pick them up. You are given 45 minutes to arrive at the program. If your child becomes ill before they leave for school, your child will remain at the program until you pick up. If your child becomes ill at school, they will remain at school until you pick them up from there.

Can you give my child medication while at the program? 

ESS can administer medication if the following requirements are met: A medication form must be filled out with directions by the parent. A Plan of Operation must be provided by the doctor for ongoing medications including inhalers, Epi pens, and allergy medications. All medications must be in the original box with the child’s name and prescription directions on the box. Over the counter medication must be accompanied by a note from the doctor before it can be administered. All medication must be in the original box and bottle.

Who can pick up my child? 

Contracted parents determine who they place on the emergency list to pick up their children. If a non-emergency person is picking up, the parent must notify the site before they pick up and the person must show their identification. Non-contracted parents may not add or delete names from the emergency list.

How can I get more information? 

The Youth Services office is located at 71 Trevarno Road, and the office hours are 9:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. The office number is 925-960-2480.