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Independence Park

A sunny playground with slides, swings, and benches surrounded by trees.
Independence Park playground.

This park was named in honor of the bicentennial year in which it was created. The land was dedicated to the City by the Sunset Development Company and was part of the old Crum Ranch. The three sports fields and restrooms were built in 1984. The pathways were completed in 1985, and the parking lot improvements and expansions were completed in 1998. The playground was renovated in 2005. The three sports fields are named Kellman I, II, and III in memory of a Livermore child Michael Kellman Jr., a very active soccer player. He was killed in an automobile accident by a drunk driver at Seventh and I streets on September 24, 1975, at the age of 11, on his way to a soccer game. A flagpole was erected in 2013 and is dedicated to veterans, in memory of WWII veteran Henry (Hank) Nunes. 

This park features three multi-use sports fields (also known as Kellman Fields), a playground with a non-rentable picnic area, and a rentable picnic area at the lower portion of the park.  Restroom building onsite. This park is utilized for District programming and rental use.