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LARPD Board Chair Receives State-Wide Award of Distinction for Outstanding Board Member

Recognized for 18 Years of Dedicated Service to Community Parks and Recreation

Livermore, CA - David Furst, a longstanding member of the Livermore Area Recreation and Park District (LARPD) Board, has been honored with the Award of Distinction for Outstanding Board Member by the California Association of Recreation and Park Districts (CARPD). This recognition highlights Furst's commitment to the Livermore area's parks and recreation over nearly two decades of service.

A portrait of a bald man with a beard, glasses, and black turtleneck against a blue background.
LARPD Board Chair David Furst was recognized with the CARPD Award of Distinction for Outstanding Board Member.

The CARPD Award of Distinction acknowledges Furst's exceptional leadership and vision in shaping the recreational landscape of Livermore and its surrounding areas, along with a focus on his volunteerism as part of his role on the CARPD Board and serving on numerous regional committees. His strategic guidance and advocacy have played a pivotal role in developing and enhancing parks, trails, and recreational programs that benefit residents of all ages.

"I am deeply humbled to receive this recognition from CARPD," said Furst. "With over 100 recreation and park districts in California associated with CARPD, totaling potentially more than 500 directors, being selected is indeed a special honor."

Furst's dedication to LARPD began in 2002 when he first joined the Board and served until 2010. His passion for improving recreational opportunities prompted him to return to the Board in 2014, where he has continued to serve until his current term, which extends through 2026.

Furst reflected on several projects that stand out as milestones during his time on the Board, including initiating the District's purchase of the Bobba Property, now known as the Sycamore Grove Extension, which seamlessly connects Sycamore Grove to Del Valle. Additionally, he cited his role in initiating the creation of the Patterson Ranch Trail and his advocacy for establishing the Cattail Pond Loop Trail and the Valley View Loop Trail.

"I am motivated to serve because the work we do at the LARPD is important to the well-being and enjoyment of the residents of the Livermore area," Furst affirmed. "I believe I have contributed and continue to contribute to the people."

The award will be formally presented to Furst at the 2024 CARPD Awards Banquet, held on Thursday, May 23. For more information about LARPD and its ongoing programs, camps, classes, and initiatives, visit