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LARPD Customer Service Team Highlight 

When you reach out to LARPD, the welcoming voice on the other end of the line belongs to our dedicated Customer Service Team. This nine-person crew is your first point of contact, whether you have questions in person or over the phone.

Their role goes beyond just providing information. They're available to explain all that LARPD offers, help with minor conflicts, and suggest services or classes that work for you. All of this is done with respect and patience, making your experience with LARPD informative and enjoyable.

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(L to R): Melissa, Darlene, Rolfe, Dorothy, Natalie, Emila, Ela, Jane, and Andrea (Not pictured: Jessica) 

The next time you visit the Robert Livermore Community, Recreation, and Aquatics Center, remember to say hello to our Customer Service Team.

Their warm welcome awaits you, and they're ready to make your LARPD experience a memorable one!