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Meet Ranger Jay! 

We are excited to introduce our newest LARPD Park Ranger, Jay Manning!

He recently moved from his hometown of Boston, MA, packing up all his belongings to drive 50 hours cross-country to our very own Livermore.

Jay went to school for conservation law enforcement at Unity College in Maine, graduating in 2021. Through working seasonal law enforcement jobs, such as a reserve police officer and correctional officer, he decided to work in a more conservative field.

Jay later worked seasonally as a park ranger in Colorado Parks and Wildlife at Ridgway State Park during the summer of 2023.

After loving the job along with the western part of the U.S., he applied and accepted the offer to join our team at LARPD.

Some of Jay's hobbies include hiking and exploring new places outdoors, exercising at the gym, and drawing various art designs.

Some fun facts include having triple citizenship in England, Brazil, and the United States and having a twin brother.

Be sure to say hi to our newest park ranger and hear some intriguing stories about his extensive background in the outdoors.

We are happy to have you on the LARPD team, Jay!