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Preschool Program FAQ

How old must my child be to join your program? 

Although we are a month-to-month program, we base our school schedule on the Livermore Valley Joint School District Calendar. For the enrolling school year, children will be:

  • Preschool: 3 years old by September 1
  • Pre-K: 4 years old by September 1
Must my child be "potty-trained?" 

Children must be able to use the restroom independently.

Do parents participate in the class? 

We believe that your involvement in the school experience is one of the best things you can do to help your child's learning achievement and success. Parents/guardians are encouraged to participate based on a schedule set by the Preschool Teachers. All of our parent volunteers are fingerprinted.

Can I register my child full-time? 

Our preschool program offers part-time/recreational classes, not exceeding nine hours per week, depending on age.

What is your preschool philosophy? 

We believe children learn best through meaningful play. Our play-based, child-centered program reflects the integration of physical, cognitive, social, emotional, language and self-help areas for the development of the child. Meaningful play encourages curiosity, discovery and problem solving which allows individual growth and development of a positive self-image.

Will my child be ready for kindergarten? 

Our play based preschool programs focus on creating strong socialization skills, self-regulation, and assist children in the ability to follow simple tasks and instructions.  We assist in their ability to learn how to open their lunch foods, put on their jackets, pack their backpacks and participate in circle time in cooperation with their peers. Developing their skill in these areas create self-confidence and increases their ability to be ready to participate in TK or Kindergarten.  

We include activities within our play-based program to increase the knowledge and skills in number and letter recognition, shapes and colors, use of pencils, markers, paint brushes, and provide opportunities for preschoolers to play together and negotiate conflict during their play.