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Senior Mystery Movie Review: Live Action Short Film Oscar nominees (3/13/24)

On March 13th a sellout group of movie-goers gathered for the Mystery Movie and Review at the Vine to see the five Live Action Short Film Oscar nominees for 2024.

A waitress in a yellow uniform holding a coffee pot in a diner, with an American flag in the background.
Red, White and Blue


The movie titles presented were:

  • The After
  • Invisible
  • Knight of Fortune
  • Red, White, and Blue
  • Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar

Mystery Movie Group Review:

Surprisingly, the actual Oscar award winner, Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar, was the least enjoyed by this group of movie enthusiasts, and considered somewhat boring.

Text about a "Live Action Short Film" titled "Red, White and Blue" labeled as "Fan Favorite."

Although the topics of the first 4 short films were emotionally difficult to watch and process, the group overwhelmingly voted the favorite to be Red, White and Blue. This topic is currently relevant, the short was well written with good acting and held our interest because of the many twists and turns.



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