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Senior Mystery Movie Review: The Fall Guy  (5/8/24)

On May 8th, a large group of movie-goers participated in our monthly Mystery Movie and Review at the Vine Theater. 

Movie poster for "The Fall Guy" with two actors, explosion background, "Only in Theaters" text, and Universal Studios notice.


The movie, about the perils of being a stunt man, was the 2024 remake of "The Fall Guy", played by Ryan Gosling. He must track down a missing movie star, solve a conspiracy, and win back the love of his life while still doing his day job in this action-packed thrill ride.

Mystery Movie Group Review:

The majority of the group felt that the movie definitely held their interest and that both Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt were the most interesting characters. 

With all the action and energy of the movie, most participants said they were exhausted when it was over, with a happy and interesting ending.

The group consensus was a rating of 4 stars, with many proclaiming they felt it was exceptional.

Text "The Fall Guy" with four gold stars and "4 STARS" below.