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Senior Mystery Movie Review: Wicked Little Letters  (4/10/24)

On April 10th a group of movie-goers participated in our monthly Mystery Movies  and Review at the Vine Theater.  The movie viewed was "Wicked Little Letters".

A group of five diverse characters posing, representing different occupations and eras, against a blue background.
Wicked Litlle Letters


The movie is about a 1920's English town where residents receive wicked letters full of hilarious profanities.  One young woman, foul-mouthed Rose, is suspected and charged with this crime; all based upon the fact that everything she said is vulgar.

Mystery Movie Group Review:


Most of the group felt the movie was interesting and that the Police Woman, Moss was the most interesting character.  With all the twists and turns of the movie, it was finally solved - with a surprise ending - and thankfully it wasn't Foul-mouth Rose.

A few of our attendees felt the profanities were too many, and were unhappy with the movie, however, many felt that the plot wouldn't have been the interesting story without the characteristics of Rose.
More than three quarters of the participants felt it was interesting but varied in their rating - it ended up with a rating of 3.

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