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Senior Services March Mystery Movie Review

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Mystery Movie Group enjoying appetizers at Zephy Grill and Bar after the movie.

Mystery Movie and Review at the Vine Cinema

Each month the Senior Services Department offers the opportunity to gather at the Vine Cinema to see a movie together. The movie is not announced ahead of time, so it's always a mystery!  After the movie, they gather at the neighboring Zephyr Grill and Bar for appetizers and to chat about the movie.  It's a fun event and lets everyone hear what others think about the same show.  We collectively devised a movie review at the end of our time together.  Check it out below!


Starring: Bill Nighy, Amy Lou Wood 

A group of 20 active seniors went to see “Living” this month at the Vine Cinema. After the show, we shared appetizers and fun conversations at the Zephyr Bar and Grill!

Here is our collective review of the movie:

Mr. Williams, played by Bill Nighy, was a buttoned-up 1950's British businessman who led the London Public Works Department. His job, and life, became dreadfully monotonous as the entire city office culture was all about blocking progress. He sometimes instructed his employees to pass project files to other departments knowing they would eventually land back on their desks.  

Mr. Williams' life became upended when he received a terminal diagnosis from his doctor that he had only six months to live. Emotionally unable to share the devastating news with his family, Mr. Williams eventually shared it with Miss Harris, who was essentially a stranger to him and 40 years younger. He admired her wit and zest for life and looked to her for comfort and advice. 

The rest of the film focuses on how Mr. Williams decided to spend the rest of his life. After several failed attempts to find "the secret recipe" to enjoy what life he had left, he chooses to try and make a difference in his work by pushing through a controversial project to build a neighborhood playground. Mr. Williams made it a personal quest and was incredibly involved in every detail. Through this project, he found purpose and gained the admiration of his employees and the public at large.   

The film was presented in a slow, methodical fashion relying on imagery and other visual clues to complete the story, as there was, in some cases, an uncomfortable amount of silence during the film. 

When it came time for the group to rate and discuss the film, we were completely divided. One-half enjoyed the film, the performances of the actors, and the messages it offered. In contrast, the other half felt the opposite – it was boring, too long, and lacked redeeming qualities. Most said sad but hopeful when asked how the movie made them feel. Others relayed they couldn't wait for the movie to be over.  

Overall, the hidden messages from the movie were to remain hopeful, live life to the fullest, and help others when you can. 

The Mystery Movie group gave this film a 3.5-star rating. 

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You can sign up and join us for the next Mystery Movie and Review on Wednesday, 3/8, by calling 925-373-5700 or by clicking the link below! 


See you at the Movies! 

Gayle Thorsen-McCune, LARPD Senior Services Staff Member