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YouTube Classes and Activities | Adult and 50+ Programs and Classes

Holiday Flower Arranging with Gayle and Kathy: They'll walk you through the step-by-step process of creating a beautiful holiday arrangement using flowers from the grocery store.


Virtual Walk of Historic Homes in South Livermore: Join Livermore City Historian, Richard Finn, for a VIRTUAL walking tour of historic homes in South Livermore. Learn all about the homes, characters, and historical figures who built this town.


Flower Arranging Social: A quick recap from our flower arranging social on 10.23.20 at Ravenswood Historic Site. 


Chair Yoga: Discover how to do yoga poses with a chair to help increase flexibility, balance and strength while enhancing mind-body awareness and the ability to relax. There are many benefits that regular yoga practice can bring to one's life including sound sleep, allergy and asthma relief, and reduced stress and anxiety. Chair Yoga is free and classes are available on YouTube with instructor Lakshmi Sajith. Classes are suitable for participants who do not want to get up and down from the floor.


Greenery Arranging in Your Own Backyard: Join Kathy and Gayle for this fun and easy activity to spruce up any room in your house!


Scratch Baking with Kathy: Bake some delicious dinner roles from scratch with Kathy in her home kitchen. Download full recipe HERE!


Decoupage with Kathy and Gayle: How to decoupage a pot and wine bottle from your home. Download supply list and instructions HERE!


Cooking with Kathy: Cook some delicious tortellini chicken potato salad with Kathy in her home kitchen. Download full recipe HERE